Dew & Company Director David Dew is a Notary Public; a title granted to him by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. 

This appointment means David can verify the identity of signatories and officially certify, verify and witness documents, including those that are under official seal.


This service can apply to official documents used in New Zealand and overseas.

Clients who require Notary services should make an appointment with Dew & Company and gather the documentation they require prior to that appointment.

Please bring:

  • The documents to be notarised, completed in full by you.

  • Photo identification such as:

- Drivers’ licence

- Current passport

- New Zealand firearms licence

  • Cash for payment (payment is not available by credit, debit or Eftpos card).


Notary Public services are usually charged on a per-document basis, starting at $50 including GST per document. The total fee depends on the number of documents.

Our fees may also vary according to the complexity of the documents and the time required by the Notary Public and the office to complete the service.